cherry blossoms January 2022

Fervently Awaiting Spring…

It’s the new year…it’s January and there’s so much of winter still to go, but are you doing it, too? Are you looking for that touch of “spring”? Those new buds getting larger? The early cherries, breath of spring, the irises and daffodils, the hellebores, the daphne, the rosemary’s flowers? Yes, I’m a southern girl, whose gardener’s eyes watch for the return the plants will make all around us. Yes, the harbingers of Spring start so small… Those further north are laughing at my words — but you do it, too? Yes?? Enjoy the cold weather that is giving some plants the chill-hours they require for prosperous blooms. Recognize the important of timing, weather conditions, and the increasing daylight – essential elements for tracking your garden year!

Happy New Year!  

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