Upcycled Barrel

Change Your World View Everyday by Upcycling

Do you “upcycle” in your garden?

Seeing something on the roadside or at the dump, do you think, “I can use that in the garden!” 

Gardeners can see the possibility of a salad in a tiny lettuce seed…and that creativity extends to so much more.

Need raised beds? Create above-ground beds from almost anything: wooden boxes, file cabinets laid down with the drawer side up and drawers removed, a bag of potting soil, old wooden barrels, food safe plastic barrels or buckets, or an old wheelbarrow etc. Drill holes in the bottom of the container for drainage. Deciding what you’re planting (food vs flowers) will help you decide what container to use. 

Upcycling everyday items will have you looking at your world differently.

Happy gardening!

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